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An integral part of the Megdade Law Firm’s dispute resolution capabilities is the International Arbitration Practice, which advises leading multinationals in arbitration proceedings across the world.
Commercial and Trading law
There are unilateral and multilateral economic and other trade-related sanctions imposed on certain foreign countries. These sanctions generally prohibit commercial transactions, including the financing of such transactions, with certain prescribed destinations,
Banking & Finance
Megdade Law Firm Banking and Finance Department has a comprehensive financial services practice that is distinguished by the strength and diversity of our lawyers.

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The Judicial System

Jordanian courts are organized to form two main divisions: civil and criminal. They are generally divided into three stages of litigation; namely: courts of first instance, appeal and cassation. Personal Status Courts deal with personal status matters form the third division and are organized in two stages, first instance and appeal. Additionally there are specialized courts which deal with specific matters such as labor and customs courts. State security matters are usually referred to special courts.

Jordanian Judiciary

Judges are usually appointed by the Ministry of Justice from amongst graduates of recognized law colleges who begin their careers by serving as clerks and officers at the courts. Judges are assigned to serve in courts, and they are transferred and promoted by the Ministry of Justice.

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Women’s participation in labour force...
Nabataean village to boost tourism activity in Petra
The government has approved the establishment of a Nabataean village at Petra’s historic site and directed the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority to draw up project plans to implement it, the head of the Lower House’s tourism committee, Adnan Farajat said on Tuesday.

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